Welcome to Motorax

Lead Times - 30 Days

2023 was a challenge for many of us.  Here at Motorax we want you all to know we understand budgets are tight.  We are an expensive option when it comes to equipping your vehicle with a motorcycle carrier.  Because we are small batch and hand made we refuse to move production over seas.  Good things are worth the wait.


There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know. We're certain that we offer some of the most unique products on the market, today.


    MREX LLC is based on the Western Slope of Colorado near Grand Junction. We developed the MOTO-RAX (patent pending) Systems out of necessity for the Mercedes Sprinter community, but we didn't stop there. We can also custom build our carrier system for any vehicle utilizing OEM and aftermarket straight-bar cross-member receivers.

    Develop, Build, Test, and Ride are what we do best! 


    It was time for a new option in the marketplace. Inventing and patenting a system that gave much greater stability to standard receiver-mounted carriers was overdue. 

    Not only do our carriers provide the stability, they give the customer the peace of mind they expect when they check their bikes in the rearview mirror. 

    Each of our MOTO-RAX systems is modular. You have the ability to change the configuration to best suit your needs. Want a single for a solo trip, unbolt your double and add the single stiff-back system. Already have the single, now you don't have to buy an entire carrier to add a second bike. Just purchase the double stiff-back system and the additional tray. 

    Try finding that option anywhere else. 


Building the best carrier designed to safely and securely transport your motorcycles. Double Carrier and ADV Carrier REQUIRE installation of the Counter Brace. Factory OEM spare tire removal and relocation is necessary. If you do not wish to perform this required step, do not purchase the Double or ADV carriers.